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What I really loved about this version of Hamlet were the visual elements. The cracked mirror theme, especially. If mirrors are usually a symbol of self reflection, then what would cracked mirrors mean? To me, since its distorting the image of the character, it would be a symbol of self-delusion. Often times in the play, when Hamlet is left alone to mumble to himself, I feel like he’s justifying his actions and in a way lying to himself. And often in those moments the cracked mirror is there. It’s also there when other characters are also trying to decieve themselves, like Queen Gertrude.

Throughout the film, we see the castle as all right angles and reflective surfaces. It’s a very orderly sort of place, and the people there are also usually dressed very orderly as well. The only people who do not are Hamlet and Ophelia. Hamlet wears a very ragged looking t-shirt when he’s feigning insanity, and Ophelia shows up in her underwear when she’s actually insane. In that part of the play, Ophelia isn’t the normal sort of crazy that all people are. Most people do twist their own perception of reality to suit their needs, like the characters in the play. Ophelia however, went truly insane, she’s not just simply self-delusional. So even though the cracked mirror is in that scene, usually behind her, what I feel is the real symbol of her insanity is the handful of plants in her arms. They broke the castle’s very ordered and man-made appearance, but I think the type of plants she’s carrying are also interesting. The many messy branches follow the pattern of broken glass quite well, and have the look of a cracked mirror. To her, it’s not something she can look away from, she’s constantly carrying it with her. 

Of course, it could just be that I’m reading waaay to much into this, but what’s a blog for if not for sharing your thoughts?

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